Crest Whitening Strips Review – Day One

So, following on from yesterday’s post regarding my Crest Whitening Strips review, I have now used Crest Whitening Strips Professional Effects for the first time and must say they were very easy to apply and seem to have made a difference on first use.

The top image shows my teeth before the treatment, with the second picture showing them after.

Unfortunately with a front-facing camera the quality isn’t great – or very flattering – but I will try my best to keep all of the images consistent to try and demonstrate the results as best I can. I am going to continue using the Crest Whitening Strips and will post a new picture in a few days’ time to show how the whitening has (hopefully) progressed.

I have not suffered any sensitivity so far, but will also post should this or anything else significantly change. I have now started using sensitive toothpaste as a precaution so hopefully this will help.

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