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Eyebrow Microblading with Karen Betts – Review


I’ve been considering eyebrow microblading for many years now however I have always held off booking as I was scared that it could go wrong or not look how I imagined in my head. It was only in June this year that I finally decided I was going to go ahead and do it and, after a lot of careful research, I decided to book with industry-leading expert Karen Betts.

For around 15 years my brows have been very sparse after a therapist waxed far too much hair off the front of my brows. Unfortunately the hair never grew back and they have never looked right since. I had started using the HD Brows Eyebrow Pallet, however as this was only makeup it would sometimes wear off throughout the day or even smudge if accidentally knocked. I now spend a lot of time abroad and since having my baby I often struggle to find the time to apply makeup without being disturbed. This led me to start researching the options available and resulted in me finding Karen.

Karen has been offering permanent makeup for around 20 years and has an extensive portfolio of clients. She is also a specialist in medical tattooing and works with several charities providing permanent makeup services. Having looked through her work and spoken to her team about the treatment on several occasions, I booked in for an appointment at her Leeds clinic.

I turned up very excited but extremely nervous about having the procedure done. I had already been patch tested so on arrival, a numbing cream was applied to my brows and I completed the relevant paperwork before my treatment commenced.

Karen and I firstly sat and had a chat about my reasons for me wanting the treatment, before she drew on my brows – adjusting the position and shape accordingly. I was very happy with how they looked, meaning it was then time for the treatment to start.

Karen decided to go with her microblading technique rather than tattooing as she felt this would better achieve the look I was hoping for. I wanted them to look very natural and opted for hair stroke brows that would blend in with the hair that was already there. This left the option for adding makeup to create more of a blocked effect should I wish to go for a more dramatic look.

I was expecting the treatment to be very painful – after all, I was having a blade cutting my skin – however it was nowhere near as bad as I had imagined. The numbing cream had certainly helped and although it was uncomfortable, I certainly wouldn’t describe it as painful.

Once the first part of the treatment was completed, further numbing cream was applied to ensure that any pain was minimal. Once all of the hair strokes had been made, a layer of the pigment was applied across all of my brow to ensure that all of the colour had fully sunk in. I actually found this to be the most painful part – it was more of a stinging sensation but luckily it only lasted a few minutes. It was then time for me to see my new brows.

Although they were quite red, I was immediately happy with the result. There was a small bit of swelling, as to be expected, but this soon went down – we actually went straight out for a drink as most of the redness had faded within around 30 minutes.

I was told not to apply makeup to my brows for two weeks – not that it was needed – and given a gel to apply to my brows a few times a day. Over the next week they scabbed over but luckily this wasn’t too noticeable.

Karen had advised that the true colour of my brows wouldn’t show through for up to four weeks, so to wait until then to see the final results. I would then have to visit again within 12 weeks for a follow up appointment to fill in any gaps and make any adjustments that I may require. After this appointment I will just need to have a top-up procedure every 18 months.

My brows have now fully healed and I had my second treatment on Saturday. The images below show my brows before, immediately after the first treatment and how they looked before my second appointment. I have also added a video of the procedure being done.

I’ve been extremely happy with the results since having my brows microbladed and they have massively improved my confidence. I don’t have to apply any makeup to them and they look very natural as I had wanted.

I will post a follow up blog once my second treatment has fully healed to show the results immediately after, and the overall final results. Please also let me know if there are any questions you would like me to answer as I’d be more than happy to help.

I would highly recommend eyebrow microblading and specifically Karen to anyone who is interested in permanent makeup.








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