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The issues with being a ‘petite’ fashion blogger!

The issues with being a 'petite' fashion blogger!

I’m sure I stopped growing at 12 years of age; I hit 5″3 and never got any taller. People often say how nice it is to be petite, however I’ve always just found it a hassle: always being asked for ID, feeling underdressed when wearing flat shoes and in most cases hating my ‘stumpy’ legs.

In addition to all of those things however, I think the one single thing that frustrates me most is never being able to buy clothes that fit! Although many shops now offer petite collections, their in-store offering is usually very small and I prefer to buy in person that shop online – probably due to the fact I generally don’t find anything that fits so everything then needs to be returned.

I’ve only really thought about it recently but my height is probably the one single thing about my body that I’m most conscious about, yet it’s one of the only things I cannot change.

Over the years I’ve learned to embrace my height and dress to make the most of my figure, but looking back through my blog over the past few years I realise how much my insecurities have hindered its success. I started this blog to share my love of fashion, yet my inability to take the ‘perfect’ photograph of my outfits has stopped me sharing so many posts – many of which are still sat in the drafts section of my blog.

It’s only now that I’ve sat back to re-evaluate my blog and how I can take it forward that I’ve realised how much this has held me back.

I’ve built up so much knowledge about how to dress for your body shape after having the privilege of working with my bridal store’s customers to understand their figure and work with them to find their perfect dress, yet I’ve never shared any of this knowledge on my blog.

I made a promise to myself earlier this year that 2017 would be the year I really turned my blog around and, although it has taken a few months, I feel like I’ve finally had my eureka moment and found the direction I’ve been waiting for.

So, going forward, I’m going to get over my fear of being in front of a camera and show photographs of me actually wearing the clothes I’ve bought, instead of just supplying stock images that can be found online anywhere.Β  I’ll also be putting a little more focus on styles and outfits that work well for petite women, in addition to sharing some tips for dressing for your body shape. I tend not to buy much from petite clothing departments so I do hope that these posts will still apply to those who are taller.

I’ll still be sharing my usual beauty, lifestyle and travel posts too, just with a bit more fashion-related articles thrown in on a more frequent basis. Please do also let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to share on here as I always appreciate any feedback!

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