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The issues with being a ‘petite’ fashion blogger!

The issues with being a 'petite' fashion blogger!

I’m sure I stopped growing at 12 years of age; I hit 5″3 and never got any taller. People often say how nice it is to be petite, however I’ve always just found it a hassle: always being asked for ID, feeling underdressed when wearing flat shoes and in most cases hating my ‘stumpy’ legs. In addition to all of those things however, I think the one single thing that frustrates me most is never being able to buy clothes…

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My new YouTube Channel - Jerri Murtagh
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My New YouTube Channel

I have talked about posting video content for so long now and I’ve never actually followed through, however I’ve decided it’s finally time to bite the bullet and launch my new YouTube channel. My first video is now live…