A Tribute To My Grandpa

It’s not normally my style to write sentimental or heart-felt posts on my blog but today I’m making an exception so I apologise in advance. I promise I’ll keep this short!

My family received some very sad news last week. My grandpa had passed away suddenly and rather unexpectedly. At the age of 85 he’d lived a long and happy life, however it still came as a huge shock to all of our family and friends.

In July this year I got married and travelled for three weeks and unfortunately I did not get a chance to see him before he passed away. The one thing I can be thankful for is that he came and shared the most important day of my life with my husband, family, friends and I, and for that I couldn’t be more thankful.

His funeral is tomorrow and I wanted to share one of my favourite pictures from our wedding day. This was outtake number five as he managed to look everywhere but the camera when they were being taken. Even in his last photographs he managed to make everyone laugh.

RIP William Keith Stephenson. X x

William Keith Stephenson

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