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Travel essentials for a weekend away in the sun

Travel essentials for a weekend away in the sun - Marbella Blog

It’s only three days until I make my next trip to Marbella and I’m really looking forward to a few days away in the sun with Zachary and my mum, brother and nephew. As I’m now travelling more frequently I feel I have finally mastered the art of packing for a weekend away and only taking items that I know I will wear, instead of a case-full of clothes that move closer and closer to the bottom of my suitcase as my holiday goes on.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of my travel essentials for a weekend away in the sun.

Essential Clothing

I would love to be one of these people who knows exactly what outfits they will wear when going away, however I change my mind about what I feel comfortable in so often that I tend to pack a selection of clothing that will provide me with a few options depending on my mood and where we decide to go. This is usually made up of a mix of shorts, dresses and swimwear.

I then always ensure I pack some key essentials, which consist of:

  • Some white / light coloured jeans – I tend to wear these when travelling as I always feel uncomfortable leaving England wearing shorts or a dress (weather permitting of course!). My current favourites are River Island’s Molly jeans as they come in several lengths, are very comfortable to wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the top you wear with them.
  • A scarf or shawl  – Even in quite moderate temperatures, I find evenings abroad can get a little chilly and I absolutely hate being cold so I always travel with a scarf or shawl that I can take out each evening as a precaution. I have a personalised Burberry poncho that now accompanies me on a lot of my trips and I tend to also wear this when travelling as it’s quite thick and takes up a lot of space in my case. This was a surprise gift from my husband shortly after we got married and I absolutely love it!
  • Smart flat sandals – In my head, I always picture myself going out in high shoes each evening when I’m was away, however the reality is always quite the opposite and I end up wearing flats most nights as I always end up opting for comfort and something that’s easy to wear if we decide to take a walk. With this in mind, I now tend to only take away a few smart pairs of flats sandals and one pair of high shoes (unless I know we have an occasion or more formal night planned). It makes my case a lot lighter and saves carrying around several pairs of excess shoes that won’t see a single ray of sunshine. It’s taken quite a few years to get me to this point but is definitely a more effective way to pack.
  • Nude strapless bra – A bit of a random one I know, but I never travel anywhere abroad without a strapless bra. Having it in my case ensures that I can wear any top and not panic if the colour isn’t right or straps may show!
  • Sunglasses – I used to always forget my sunglasses and I really hate being abroad without them. They’re now the first thing I pack.

Luggage and Accessories

If you are a regular reader you are probably aware of my obsession with bags and accessories and I have recently invested in a travel wallet to ensure everything is kept in order when I go away (especially now I’m responsible for two passports). The Louis Vuitton Zippy Organiser has a dedicated pocket for travel documents and passports, meaning I can slot everything in there and not have to worry about losing them or having to empty my bag every time I need something. It really has kept me more organised.

As I now have to bring my full baby bag on most of the flights I go on I tend to not take my own handbag anymore as it just adds to the potential things I could lose. When I had Zachary, I opted for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull instead of a traditional baby bag, so this is what I tend to travel with now. This bag and my organiser work great together as everything is kept in one place.

The other two items that I always carry when travelling are my kindle and earphones. I love to read and I now can’t even work out how I used to manage to pack five or six books into my case when I went away. As much as I love a good, old fashioned paperback, they aren’t very practical when travelling so I now take my Kindle everywhere I go. I wasn’t sure I would like reading on an electronic device when I first bought my Kindle but it’s so convenient and lightweight I really couldn’t travel without it now. It also ensures I will never be without a book as I can download on the go.

The one item that is missing from this list is a Louis Vuitton carry on case but I feel like that is a long time off yet! I can always dream!

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