What size Louboutins should I get?

What size Louboutins should I get seems to be a common questions asked by anyone thinking of buying their first pair of Louboutins. Hopefully this post will provide some guidance!

I’ve just returned from a lovely weekend break in London and whenever I’m visiting I always make a trip to the Christian Louboutin store to see what they have in stock and hopefully make a purchase. I’ve visited many of their stores in Europe and find that they generally only have limited sizes of their more traditional styles such as Pigalle, Filo and the Simple Pump – the styles that are more my taste.

I happened to be in luck this time and managed to purchase a pair of the black patent Pigalle – I have them in nude and find them to be some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn – I’d definitely recommend them to those looking for something practical but stylish! 

So, back on to my point: I’m often asked by friends what size I buy, especially by those who are considering buying online or contacting stores about the sizes available. I thought it may be beneficial to share my experience of sizing in the hope it may provide some guidance to those thinking of purchasing a pair.

Generally, whenever I’ve bought Louboutins I’ve gone down by half a size – from a 37 to a 36.5 – and so far this has worked in my favour. I would say that I’m generally a 37 (4) however I do have one smaller foot meaning one shoe is always a little looser than the other.

The only style I have found that hasn’t fitted this pattern is the Pigalle, where I’ve had to purchase a 37. All of the other styles I’ve bought have been 36.5, which I’d guess is down to the size and shape of the shoe.

Most shoes will stretch once worn so if a pair feels very tight it’s probably best to go for half a size bigger. Additionally, those which have a gap will only get bigger so that’s probably a good indication that a half size smaller is required.

Obviously this is just a guide and everyone’s feet are different but hopefully it will provide a little bit of guidance for those unsure of what size they may need. As always, I’m happy to answer any questions so please just leave a comment if you wish to ask anything!

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