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Am I having a girl or boy? Testing the theory!

Am I having a girl or boy - Testing the theory

I am currently expecting my first child and on the countdown to his/her arrival in just over 8 weeks. We decided against finding out the baby’s sex but now its arrival is nearing I’m becoming increasingly excited to find out. I’m regularly asked if I am having a girl or boy so I thought for a bit of a lighthearted post I’d turn to some good old wives’ tales to find out what they would predict I am having.

I genuinely have no feeling either way so here it goes…

Carrying high or low. Carrying high predicts a girl and low a boy.

Verdict: My bump is pretty high up so based off this prediction would imply a girl.

Girl 1, Boy 0

Cravings. Craving sweet foods predicts a girl and savory a boy.

Verdict: I have always had a sweet tooth and this hasn’t changed since I’ve been pregnant, however I am definitely eating more sugar than I used to.

Girl 2, Boy 0

Feeling Sick. Apparently being sick in the first 12 weeks means a girl and sickness later in pregnancy means a boy. Sickness in the morning also means a girl and sickness in the evening means a boy.

Verdict: I only suffered from sickness in the first trimester which would imply a girl, however I was only ill in the evenings implying a boy. 1-1?

Girl 3, Boy 1

Movements. A baby that is active in ultrasounds is said to be a boy.

Verdict: My baby never stops so this would imply a boy.

Girl 3, Boy 2

Hair and Skin. If you are lucky enough to have healthy hair and skin during pregnancy you are said to be expecting a boy. Breakouts and dull hair imply a girl.

Verdict: Definitely a girl. My skin and hair has been terrible!

Girl 4, Boy 2

Dilated Pupils. Yes, you read that right. Apparently if you look at yourself in the mirror for at least a minute and your pupils dilate you are having a boy.

Verdict: My pupils stayed the same (and I looked very strange).

Girl 5, Boy 2

Sleeping Position. If you sleep on your right side you are said to be having a girl and left a boy.

Verdict: I always sleep on my right side.

Girl 6, Boy 2

Heart Rate. Over 140 is said to be a boy, with over 140 implying a girl.

Verdict: My baby’s heart rate has always been over 140.

Girl 7, Boy 2

It will be a few months before the results of this ‘scientific’ study can be proven, but based off the above it would imply I’m having a girl. Only time will tell!

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