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First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Paper

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Paper

I celebrated my first wedding anniversary last weekend and wanted to share some anniversary gift ideas.

Traditionally the present for a first anniversary is paper, so I have been busy planning some paper-based gifts to surprise him. He is one of the hardest people in the world to buy for, which has led to me having quite a backlog of presents to buy, so I thought I would clear them all off in one go. This is what I ended up with:
Golf Lessons
Having recently signed up for a golf membership I decided to purchase a course of golf lessons with a Pro Instructor at Close House. I don’t know much about golf but John was delighted with them and I’d like to say a huge thank you to Ian at Close House for all of your help.


Custom Golf Clubs – There’s a bit of a theme developing here
Given in the form of a nicely Photoshopped image, I also arranged for John to attend a golf store to have his height and swing etc to then purchase golf clubs specific to his style of play. This was more of a belated birthday present but still went down well.
I also treat him to a new shirt and a deep sea fishing trip in Thailand, however this still needs to be booked!
In addition to the above, some of the other paper-based ideas I considered were:
Travel Tickets – A trip somewhere in the UK or abroad presented in the form of a ticket.
Painting – I did look around a few stores to find a nice painting of a place we have been to together.
Word Collage –Several sites offer the opportunity to create custom word collages with dates, places and names that are personal to you as a couple.
Personalised notebook  – These are generally made of moleskin and feature sentimental sayings on the front.
I also did well on the paper-front and ended up with a paper trail that led me to tickets and a hotel booking for a trip to London this weekend. I was also presented with an ‘Unlimited Shopping Voucher’, however I’m sure it will quickly become ‘limited’ once I’m let loose in London!
I’d be really keen to hear of any other first anniversary gift ideas so please do feel free to comment below!

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