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My London Trip – Beauty and Fashion Blogger London

Beauty and Fashion Blogger London

As someone who loves beauty and fashion, I’m writing this blog with lots of excitement as I’m finally en route to London from Newcastle thanks to my lovely other half who booked this surprise to celebrate our anniversary. I can’t wait!

I’m not completely sure what we have planned yet, however I can imagine it will involve lots of shopping, food and prosecco.

As soon as we arrive I am off to experience my first blow dry bar, something I’ve been keen to try for a long time but haven’t yet had the chance to do. My hair is thick and naturally quite straight so I’m looking forward to going for something a bit different in style. It looks fab blow dried however I struggle to do it myself.

When I was out in Dubai a few months ago I tried ceviche and I haven’t yet been able to find somewhere up in Newcastle that serves this, so I think tonight will be spent on the hunt for a nice mexican restaurant offering this dish. We will then most likely try out a few bars before a bigger night out tomorrow.

I haven’t really done the clubbing scene in London (apart from Soho) so I’m hoping to try out a few of the more lively spots when we’re there. I’ll also be dropping in a bit of shopping as I currently have my eye on a fabΒ  bag and some new shoes – fingers crossed they have them in stock.

We don’t head back until late on Sunday evening so I’m hoping for a quite relaxed day, incorporating a lie in (rare for me since opening my shop), visits a few coffee shops, a walk through Hyde Park and a maybe a few other tourist attractions.

The hotel we are staying in isn’t somewhere we have been before so I will certainly take some photographs for a follow up post soon!

I’ll be adding a few posts about recommendations soon so please do keep checking back for further updates and if anyone has any recommendations of places to visit please do share them below!

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