Plunkets York – Restaurant Review

Plunkets is a hidden gem located in the city of York. I discovered this restaurant completely by chance about seven years ago and I’ve been a regular visitor ever since.

Located in a quaint terraced house that was originally built in 1640 as the local doctor’s principal residence, Plunkets provides a mix of English and Mexican cuisine. Tables cannot be booked, however part of the experience is enjoying a drink in the bar area upstairs whilst waiting for your table. The bar area is dimly lit and regularly has a log fire burning – great for escaping from the cold winter weather. Many of the original features of the property still remain and you could easily believe you were back in the 1600s.

Downstairs, the restaurant area is a reasonable size and the service has always been very efficient. One of the main issues with Plunkets is that, although it has a web presence, its menu is not available – something which I would normally find frustrating – however after being a customer for so many years I’m usually pretty sure of what I’d like to order before I even arrive.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, their Chicken Wantons with Sweet Pepper Jam are fantastic. They also do a great Brie and Mushroom Dip with Crostini which is absolutely divine (although highly unhealthy I imagine).

Their main courses consist of dishes with an English and Mexican twist, however my favourite is a tortilla stack filled with mediterranean vegetables, mushrooms, cheddar and goats’ cheese, topped with salsa – I cannot recall its name unfortunately. They have a great selection of meat dishes, however their vegetarian selection is very good too. As someone who doesn’t eat red meat this is ideal for me.

The restaurant is quite reasonably priced. A bottle of wine starts from around £15, with starter coming in at around £6-£7 and main courses around £10-£11.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is visiting York, and a drink in the bar upstairs is also a must – especially on a cold winter night! I’m already planning my next trip.

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