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Chanel 2016 Spring-Summer Shoe Collection

Chanel 2016 Spring-Summer Shoe Collection

Clothes shopping when pregnant is one of the most disheartening experiences I have experienced so I made a conscious decision to give up when I entered my third trimester – I have completely avoided the shops since.

Knowing I was feeling a little upset by my growing waistline (and probably a lot of hormones), my husband decided to book a surprise trip to London to go shoe shopping at my favourite store, Chanel.

I had been admiring the Chanel 2016 spring-summer shoe collection online for months so I was extremely excited for my visit. I find Chanel shoes very hit or miss –  I either want to leave with half of the shop or leave without trying on a single shoe – however this trip was definitely not wasted as I came away with some of my favourite styles yet.

Comfort-wise, once you are past the initial wear-in stage, I haven’t found a more comfortable brand than Chanel (and quite rightly so due to the price). I own quite a few different styles and absolutely love and wear each and every pair on a regular basis. I’m a complete shoe and bag lover and usually treat myself to designer items few times a year instead of buying lots of smaller purchases on a regular basis.

So here’s a look at this season’s collection (and the latest additions to my wardrobe):

Chanel Pearl Flat Sandals – Cream

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them. Featuring pearl detailing across the straps and a double buckle, they will be perfect for all occasions.

Chanel Pearl Flat Sandals - Cream

Chanel Quilted Sandal with Pearl Heel

I have a few weddings coming up and I figured I may as well be excited to wear one part of my outfit. These sandals feature Chanel’s signature quilted design and a small pearl located within the block heel.

Chanel Quilted Heeled Sandal with Pearl Heel

Chanel Flat Quilted Pump – Black

I already own several pairs of these shoes and the same pair in cream, however they never come in wrong so I decided to buy them in black too.

Chanel Flat Quilted Pump - Black

Some of the other styles I tried included:

Chanel Flat Glitter Pump – Black and White

I was extremely tempted to buy these shoes however I was worried they wouldn’t withstand the UK weather too well so decided against them.

Chanel Flat Glitter Pump - Black and White

Chanel Cream and Black Loafers

I have never owned a pair of loafers before and after trying them I didn’t think they were for me. Maybe next time!

Chanel Cream and Black Loafers

Chanel Black, Blue and White Pumps

I tried this style but originally thought they were made from a fabric rather than leather.

Chanel Blue, Black and White Lambskin Pump 2016

Image credits for final two photographs: Chanel.

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